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Chamber music

Moments musicals 1 (for solo piano)

Moments musicals 2 (for solo piano)


3 Poems (baritone and piano)

Brass'il (Brass Quintet)

Com el temps (Saxophone Quartet)

Contracts (Marimba, xylophone and alto sax)

Divertimento (Wind Quintet)

El Miracle de Mohcine (Alto saxophone and piano)

The first vol (Flute and piano)

Elements (Wind Quintet)

Horner City (horn quartet)

Pleniluni (Oboe and piano)

Quadres (Sax Quartet)

Quartet Rag (Sax Quartet)

Reflexions (Flute and piano)

Sensacions (Clarinet and piano)

Sensacions (Oboe, horn and piano)

Somni (Flute and piano)

Tres instants (piano)

Western suite (Brass quintet)

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